friday 14:00 – 15:30

Urban Solidarities in Migrant Cities

The panel aims to address the city as a space of mobilities and focuses on the various forms and modes of political articulation of these mobilities. One topic it will address is the relationship between mobility and rights – how in certain debates entitlements are derived from ’settledness’ or residence and to what extent their linkage structures the field of relations between established groups of people and groups like refugees, non-resident users, tourists or other newcomers. Does this ‘distribution’ of symbolic rights correspond to different forms of (infra)political engagements? In such a constellation, conflicts often emerge when different assessments and norms are applied whose relation to each other are ambiguous. New categories of migrants, such as academic refugees or expats, might further challenge the basis for our judgements about the hierarchies of exclusions or injustices. In such conflictual contexts, the notion of solidarity becomes problematic, in the sense that full recognition of other positions might not always be achievable. Against this background, should the discussion address conditions of a ‘weaker’ concept of solidarity in urban spaces instead? What would be the function of different urban spaces for the production of such understandings of solidarity?

Dİdem Danış, Nihad El-Kayed, Serhat Karakayalı
Sİnem Adar (MODerator)

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