friday 15:45 – 17:00

New Migration from Turkey:
Feelings, affinities, and creativities


Due to rising political repression and turmoil in Turkey, a growing number of people – mostly academics, journalists, artists, and students – are leaving the country and settling around the globe, especially in Berlin. The desire, need, or impulse to leave Turkey has often been prompted by the loss of forms and spaces of belonging, acting, and creating. Consequently, experiences of mobility and dwelling have been characterized by profound feelings that take on collective, public, and political characters and by configuration of translocal relations and spaces to recreate individual and collective worlds that have fallen apart. While moving to Berlin is often dependent on proposals to research, work, or produce, the changing space, language and system of cultural production might stifle, as well as stimulating the promised creations of new migrants.

Following the screening of self-reflexive video-series Welcomed to Germany?, this open discussion addresses affective and translocal experiences of mobility and dwelling in the context of new migration from Turkey. Can collective, public, and political feelings form a basis for imagining and defining “we”? How can political friendships open up new possibilities for collectivity, collaboration, and creativity? How does creative work motivate or challenge possibilities for feeling at home? Finally, can feelings, affinities, and creations generate affective grounds for hope?

Özgür Çİçek, Özlem Sarıyıldız, ​Özlem Savaş
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