saturday 15:30 – 17:00

Re-Writing the City through Engaged Walking

There are a plethora of modes of and intentions in walking the city: meandering streets for people gazing and shopping, commuting in routinely timed patterns, sightseeing on guided tours and protesting in organised processions among them. Likewise, there are many different ways to experience and make sense of walking in the city depending both on one’s social and physical positioning (i.e. gender, race, class, age, disability) and the time and location where the walking takes place. How we walk, with whom we walk and how we experience the walk each reveal something unique about the city and its underlying history. Depending on how they are stitched together, acts of walking compose varying patchworks of individual and collective narratives about the city. This panel connects Istanbul and Berlin through the practice of engaged walking. It explores various political efforts centred on the idea of walking, such as through mobilising forgotten or hidden memories and walking new and uncharted paths, with the aim of re-writing hegemonic narratives of cities. It also closely considers walking as an ethnographic and activist method of engagement with the urban. The speakers in this panel will discuss how to make cities more inclusive through walking and how to make walking more inclusive.

Kristen Biehl, Agata Lisiak, Sema Semİh Togay, Kathrin Wildner
// aquarium (südblock)