saturday 19:00 – 20:00

Resistance through Music –
Creating New Spaces

moderated talk

Resistance has sounds, lyrics and rhythms. In any social or political confrontation, music is a universal tool against the hegemonic worldview. Solidarity expressed through music is a performance of ‘from below’. In that sense, music mobilises and frames ‘the common’. Berlin has been a refuge for many musicians from Turkey over the past years who partly migrated due to political reasons. This moderated talk explores music in the context of migration from Istanbul to Berlin by focusing on music and music productions as forms of resistance to political and social developments. The panel will consider to what extent musicians and producers perceive their music as a tool of resistance and how music creates new spaces in times of political crisis. What limits and potentials do they perceive? And to what extent do they make social grievances visible in and through their music?

Mavİş Güneşer, Gİzem Oruç
Banu Çİçek Tülü (MODerator)
// aquarium (südblock)